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Eagleway Productions provides motion picture quality content and production services for the film and television industry.  We supply Producers, Director, Line Producers, DP'S, Camera Operators. Jean-Paul Hellendall is the founder of Eagleway Productions. He has experience in most aspects of production, such as, Producing, Directing, Production Assistance, Camera Operator, Line Producing. (Read Jean-Paul's bio on the About us page).

Feature Films *Television *Commercials *Music Videos * Documentaries *Shorts  * Conventions * Corporate Videos * Interviews  *Event Coverage * Internet
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We're getting really close to closing a 10 million dollar deal that will fund three of our films; Human Factor, The Handyman, and The Cartel.

Robert Clemens a long time friend of Jean-Paul Hellendall was made a partner of Eagleway Productions
 We're looking for investors to put in 5 million or more into my company. Most of which will be used to finance these two feature films.